A Thematic Approach File Series

Workbox Quilt Block Patterns Workbox is a file of 248 blocks with all designs geared to work and tools. From monkey wrenches to saws and sawtooth patterns, cog wheels and chains, and building blocks can all be found in the first section. Small Business features quilt blocks of various professions such as chimney sweep, cowboy, beggar, barrister, builder and shoemaker.

                                                                                 Price..... $9.95
Flyaway Feathers Quilt Block Patterns Flyaway Feathers is all about birds, bird's nest, birds in the air and flying birds. Here you will find blocks for robins, bluebirds, swallows, doves, crows, hawks along with ducks and geese. A file of 273 blocks from which to choose your feathered friend.

                                                                                 Price..... $9.95
Everybody's Favorite Quilt Block Patterns Everybody's Favorite is a smaller gathering of quilt designs that features all blocks with the words favorite, fancy, choice or pride as part of the name. Some of your favorites are here in this file.

                                                                                 Price..... $8.95
Sun, Moon and Stars Quilt Block Patterns Sun, Moon and Stars is another larger file divided into two sections. Begin with Solar System and view designs of Stars and Planets, Saturn's Rings, Planet Jupiter and Jupiter's Moons. Sun and moon patterns, Milky Way, Big Dipper, Northern Lights and Meteor plus over 110 more fill this section. Starry Heavens features over 844 star patterns arranged in A to Z order. Total number of patterns in this file is 966.

                                                                                 Price..... $15.95
Trip Around The World Quilt Block Patterns Trip Around the World...... if you are planning an excursion, here's the file for you. Around the World tour includes stopovers in France, Old Persia, a Trip to Egypt to see the Pyramids, then onto Merrie England to travel on those London Roads. Next stop is Pride of Holland and those Dutch Mills and Tiles. A quick visit with a Bonnie Scotsman and the aroma of Scotch Heather, then travel to the Pride of Italy to see the Seven Hills of Rome. Those Castles in Spain await you and don't forget about that Irish Blarney plus so many more. This 372 block file will take you on a whirlwind tour.

                                                                                 Price..... $10.95


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