A Thematic Approach File Series

Wagon Wheels Quilt Block Patterns Wagon Wheels Carry Me Home.............. If travel is your theme, then this file of 310 block patterns will help. All designs from wagons to wheels, paths to crossroads, bridges and turnstiles, ships, boats, railroads, airplanes and even rocket ships are all here at your fingertips.

                                                                                 Price..... $10.95
Ecclesiastical Quilt Block Patterns The Ecclesiastical file incorporates all religious themed blocks beginning in the Garden of Eden and The Forbidden Fruit Tree to the Tree of Paradise. Children of Israel, Jacob's Ladder, Joseph's Coat, Job's Tears and many more are all here from the Old Testament. Patterns from the New Testament are Delectable Mountains, saints, crosses, Easter and Christmas quilt designs. There are 400 blocks from which to choose to make an inspired quilt.

                                                                                 Price..... $11.95
Design In Geometrics Quilt Block Patterns Design in Geometrics................ shapes, shapes, all kinds of shapes are in this file. Block designs of cubes, diamonds, hexagons, squares, zig zags, crosses, octagons, blocks, circles, boxes, points and triangles are yours to find from 409 offerings.

                                                                                 Price..... $11.95
Village Green Quilt Block Patterns The Village Green is a file which is divided into several sections, designed to make finding that particular pattern easy. The first section shows components of a town, public square, houses, log cabins, homes, picket fences. The second section is titled the School House and displays all patterns of schoolhouses along with patterns of alphabets, numbers and colors. Section three is The Old Homestead. In this part you will find everything in a house, from rooms to windows, plates, dishes, even broken ones, tumblers, cups and saucers, lighting and more. Section Four is Handcraft. All patterns that have to do with sewing, quilting, spinning, weaving and cross stitch are arranged on pages for easy viewing. This file has 1069 blocks.

                                                                                 Price..... $16.95
Footprints in the Sands of Time............ Time, all ways of measuring time. This file consists of four sections beginning with hour glass patterns, centennial, sundials, mornings, noon and evening, days and hours. A section titled Year's favorite displays months of the year along with celebrated holidays. Section three is The Seasons, blocks pertaining to Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. A fourth section, Rain or Shine shows weather conditions ranging from snow to showers to windy days. This file has 323 blocks

                                                                                 Price..... $10.95


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