A Thematic Approach File Series

The Forest Bouquet file is a composite of all blocks pertaining to trees, leaves, animals and insects who live in the woods, and the various plants, fruits of the trees and certain blossoms. A walk through these woodlands will give you many choices from the 539 quilt block designs in this booklet.

                                                                                 Price..... $12.95
Our Country Quilt Block Patterns Our Country is a thematic file of 420 blocks. In this booklet, you will find blocks of presidents and their first ladies beginning with the George Washington Quilt, Tippecanoe and Tyler Too, The Harrison Quilt, The Lincoln Quilt, the President Roosevelt, Stonewall Jackson, Polk Ohio, Hayes Corner and many others. The Lady of the White House includes Martha Washington, Dolly Madison, Mrs. Cleveland, Mrs. Wilson and Lucy Hayes and more. Blocks of patriots, persons in history, major events in American history can be found in this file.

                                                                                 Price..... $11.95
Fragrance Quilt Block Patterns Fragrance is a large thematic file with a total number 1,822 block designs. All flower blocks ranging from Aster to Zinnia are here on display as well as blocks using the word "flower" as part of its name. You will also find designs with the words of either Bouquet, Flower Pot, Garden and Wreath as part of this collection.

                                                                                 Price..... $18.95
Crossroads America Quilt Block Patterns Crossroads America is another large file which lists each of the fifty states from Alaska through to Wyoming. Block designs are featured specific to each state. This file has 903 quilt blocks and will provide you with endless possibilities for a state themed quilt creation.

                                                                                 Price..... $15.95
Farm Friendliness Quilt Block Patterns Farm Friendliness is another large file that is divided into two sections. Buildings and equipment one would find on a farm along with the farmer's wife, daughter and even the farmer himself. Waterwheels, mill wheels, windmills, weathervanes, Four H Club patterns, and pages devoted to farm animals from turkeys to cats and mice, sheep to barn bats, peacocks, spiderwebs are all found in this first section. Nature's Bounty has the produce of the farm. From the Practical Orchard to Cherry Ripe and Orange Peel, Love Apples to Grapes, this file with 500 blocks hosts all of the patterns for farm living.

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